SystemInstaller, SystemImager, SystemConfigurator


Creates Linux distribution images from a set of packages SystemInstaller creates Linux distribution images from a set of packages and specification files. Working in conjunction with SystemImager and SystemConfigurator, these images can then be installed to machines throughout your cluster/network. As a side-effect, it can be used as a tool for building chroot environments for many package based distributions. Further details can be found at and


SystemImager ramdisk for client nodes SystemImager is a set of utilities for installing GNU/Linux images to clients machines over the network. Images are stored in flat files on the server, making updates easy. rsync is used for transfers, making updates efficient.


Unified Configuration API for Linux Installation Provides an API for various installation and configuration processes that are otherwise inconsistent between the many Linux distributions, and the many architectures they run on. For example, you can configure the bootloader on a system in a general way - you don't need to know anything about the particular boot loader on the system. You can update the network settings of a system, without knowing the distribution or the format of its network configuration files.

George Danchev 2004-12-25